This year can pre-order custom full flats at a very discounted rate.  Plants will be sold in three inch soil blocks in flats of 24 plants (each flat can contain a combination of several different plants) which can be selected from the plant list below. You may choose any combination of 24 plants to fill the flat, we are selling full flats only. Price per flat is $45, the order deadline is Sunday, May 13th. Pick-up days will be Sunday May 27th and Sunday June 3rd between 9am and 4pm.  

Please email jyotidhara@hotmail.com 

Include in your email:

1. Your name

2. Phone number

3. Plant list per flat (a full flat is 24 plants and each flat can contain any combination of different plants), we are selling full flats only. Indicate which plant and how many of each. 



Anise hyssop

Arnica, Meadow

Basil, Kivibumbasi Lime

Basil, Lemon

Basil, Sweet

Basil, Thai

Bergamont, Lemon

Bergamont, Wild

Blessed thistle




Chamomile, Dyers

Chamomile, German

Chamomile, Roman





Culver's Root



Dyers coreopsis



Euacalyptus, blue gum



Good King Henry

Greek Mullein



Indigo, Japanese


Lemon Balm



Maral Root


Milk Thistle

Mint, Mountain

Mint, Yellow Dotted

Moldavian Balm



Nigella, Black Seed




Pluerisy Root

Poppy, california




Sage, Clary

Sage, Garden


Savory, winter

Skullcap, Baical




St Johns wort

Sweet Annie


Tarragon, Mexican

Tobacco, Hopi

Tulsi, Kapoor

Tulsi, Vana


Vipers Bugloss


White Sage


Wood betony




Ageratum, Dondo Blue


Amaranth, Globe

Aster, New Hybrids

Bachelors Button, Tall Mix

Bachelor's Buttons, Polka Dot Dwarf


Bidens, Bur Marigold

Black Eyed Susan Vine

Blazing Stars


Campanula, Olympica

Cardinal Climber



Columbine, European

Coreopsis, Dyers

Coreopsis, Tall Red

Coreopsis, Threadleaf

Cosmos, Picotee

Cosmos, Sensation

Daisy, Gloriosa

Daisy, Shasta

Delphinium, Connecticut Yankee

Dianthus, Clove Pink

Didiscus, Blue Lacy

Four O'Clock


Gaillardia, Burgundy


Globe Amaranth

Heliotrope, Marine

Hollyhock, Black

Hollyhock, Indian Spring

Impatients, Paradise Mix

Jacobs Ladder, Blue Pearl

Larkspur, Blue Cloud

Larkspur, Giant Imperial

Lavatera, Mix

Lupines, Red Russel

Lupines, Russel Hybrids

Maltese Cross

Marigold, Crackerjack

Marigold, Mexican

Marigold, Signet, Lemon Gem

Marigold, Spanish Brocade

Marigolds, Signet, Red Gem

Marigolds, Signet, Tangerine Gem

Meadow Rue

Morning Glory

Mullien, Phonecian

Nasturtium, Climbing

Nasturtium, Empress of India

Nasturtium, Jewel Mix

Painted Tongue 

Pansie, Old Fashioned Mix

Pansy, Brush Strokes

Petunia, Wave

Phlox, Drummondi

Poppy, Alpine

Poppy, Elka White Oilseed

Poppy, Flanders

Poppy, Flemish Antique

Poppy, Iceland

Poppy, Oriental

Poppy, Ziar Breadseed

Portulaca, Old Fashioned Moss Rose

Rudbeckia, Cherry Brandy

Rudbeckia, Goldsturm

Salvia, Tricolor

Scabiosa, Cut Brite Pincushion Flower


Snapdragon, Rocket Mix



Sunflowers, Soraya

Sweet Pea, annual

Sweet William

Tithonia, Torch

Verbena, Florist


Zinnia, Benary's Giant Lime

Zinnia, Benary's Giant Wine

Zinnia, Jazzy Mix




Broccoli, Fiesta

Brussel Sprouts, Hestia

Cabbage, Copenhagen

Cabbage, Mammoth Red Rock

Caucasian Mountain Spinach

Cauliflower, Snow Crown

Celeriac, Brilliant

Celery, Utah Tall

Collards, Champion

Eggplant, Black Beauty

Eggplant, Ping Tung Long

Eggplant, Rosita

Fennel, Bulb

Good King Henry

Husk Cherry, Aunt Molly's

Kale, Lacinato

Kale, Red Russian

Kale, Vates

Kale, White Russian

Kholrabi, Winner


Okra, Cajun Jewel

Onions, Clear Dawn

Onions, Red, Cabernet

Parsley, Italian Flat Leaved

Pepper,  Cayenne

Pepper, Aji Chinchi Amarillo

Pepper, Ancho Poblano

Pepper, Bangles Blend

Pepper, California Wonder

Pepper, Chiltepin

Pepper, Early Jalepeno

Pepper, Golden California Wonder

Pepper, Jimmy Nardello

Pepper, NuMex Joe E. Parker

Pepper, Red Cherry

Pepper, Thai Hot


Romaine Lettuce, Jericho


Tomato, Amish Paste

Tomato, Aosta Valley

Tomato, Black Krim

Tomato, Cherokee Purple

Tomato, Cosmonaut Volkov

Tomato, Dr. Carolyn

Tomato, Green Zebra

Tomato, Matts Wild

Tomato, Pink Brandywine

Tomato, Speckled Roman

Tomato, Sungold

Tomato, Supersweet 100's

Tomato, Yellow Perfection


Summer 2017 Plant Dye Workshops
We are very excited to announce our summer classes! 
Save the dates, more info will be coming soon...

July 15 & 16, 2017 

Eco-Printing with Amelia Poole 

Here in New England, we are surrounded by nature and textiles. Why not combine the two?  Eco-printed cloth is created by layering prepared cloth or paper with local plants and flowers.  The materials and leaves are bundled together, tightly bound and steamed. This process creates a permanent transfer of pigment from the leaves to the fiber. No external dyes, inks or paints are used in eco-printing. All color and pattern come from the plants themselves!  This process releases extraordinary secrets from local plants we see every day and often take for granted. Eco-printing allows us to look beyond the usual green of leaves and to see their shape and architecture, and explore their chemistry.

Eco-printing techniques developed and popularized by India Flint of South Australia, focus on bioregionalism and the use of sustainable, organic and non-toxic materials.  Eco prints can be used to create wearable or wall art, decorative pieces, such as pillows and wall hangings, and even quilts!

Natural, Sustainable, Beautiful!

Day 1: The class will focus on eco printing techniques – printing on a variety prepared cloth and paper, both simmering and steaming.

Day 2: We will use the samples from the previous day to inform printing of yardage for a garment or enough pieces for a small quilt or paper for a book or other project. Projects will not be finished during class – only the cloth or paper to do so.

Cost of 2 Day Class is $190.  Camping is an option if traveling from far away or we can help you find local lodging.  Contact Jennifer to register for class 802-276-3839 or jyotidhara@hotmail.com

Amelia Poole is coming from Maine to share her talents with us.  Check out her website

July 30, 2017
Wear Your Medicine 

Learn about natural dyeing with medicinal plants and connect with the healing spirit of plants, learn what it means to wear your medicine.  Students will learn about dyeing with wool and silk and learn how to cultivate, process, and use medicinal plants for natural dye.  Each student will get to take home a plant dyed silk scarf dyed in the plant color of their choice.  Cost of this class is $95 and includes all materials.  Taught by Jennifer Johnson and Joann Darling.

Contact Jennifer to register 802-276-3839 or jyotidhara@hotmail.com

August 19 & 20, 2017
Harvest a Rainbow of Color 

Learn about natural dyeing as we create a rainbow of color using all local plants and connect with the healing spirit of the plants.  Students will learn how to cultivate, process, and use plants for natural dye and will receive a color sample book which includes recipes, instructions, and colored yarn samples for all dyes in the class.  Cost of this 2 day class is $135 and includes all materials.  Taught by Jennifer Johnson and Joann Darling.

Contact Jennifer to register 802-276-3839 or jyotidhara@hotmail.com

September 10, 2017
The Art of Mushroom Dyes 

Taught by Joann Darling.

The fascination with using mushrooms as a natural dye is both challenging and rewarding. The colors you can obtain range from brown, gold, orange to reds and purples. Come Join me for a  day of exploration, experimentation and excitation!  

Students will learn how to forage, harvest, and use mushrooms for natural dye and will receive a color sample book which includes
recipes, instructions, and colored yarn samples
for all dyes in the class.

Contact Jennifer to register 802-276-3839 or jyotidhara@hotmail.com


Classes from 2016: