Glacial Blue and Mauve Ombre

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This stunning silk scarf is dyed with organic farm grown japanese indigo leaves and madder root.  It's dreamy hues are simply delicious.  All plants we use for dye are grown and processed on our farm, single source dye farm, farm grown color.  This scarf is made from 100% pure silk.  It's called iridescent smooth chiffon and has a very sheer feeling, so light and delicate.  While it is not as shiny as some silk it sparkles in the light, creating a lustrous iridescent sheen.  It is not slippery like other silk can be therefore has an incredible drape and versatility.  It is simply my favorite silk!  You will love the way it shimmers!  Its width allows it to be worn as a scarf or a shawl.  Light enough to wear all summer and insulating when wrapped around your neck in the winter. It measures 17" x 72".  

Farm Grown Color.  Wear Your Medicine.