Goldenrod and Japanese Indigo Dyed Silk Chiffon Scarf


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This vibrant blue and green scarf is dyed with goldenrod flowers and leaves and japanese indigo leaves.  All plants we use for dye are organically grown and processed on our farm, single source dye farm, farm grown color.  This scarf is made from pure silk chiffon, is lightweight, like a feather floating on the wind.  It measures 14" x 62".  Goldenrod is a wonderful medicinal plant.  It's latin name, Solidago, means "to make whole" and is a great wound remedy for cuts and scrapes.  It is a known remedy for the kidneys and is an antidote for allergies not a cause as some people have thought.  the bitter flavor of the leaves make it beneficial for digestion, while the volatile oils of the flowers act on the respiratory system, good for coughs, and the root's pungent flavor stimulate the kidneys.  But what I have learned from the spirit of the Goldenrod plant is the incredible generosity of this plant.  It just gives and gives and gives.  Leaves appear in the early and spring til mid summer when it starts to bloom it just blooms all summer everywhere just offering itself to all those who seek it in great abundance.  Matthew Wood calls it "a golden staff to lean on."  He says, "All summer long, while other plants are flowering, Goldenrod is steadily raising it's single stalk toward the sky.  Finally, around middle of August the golden-yellow spires appear... The message of Goldenrod is to endure to reach the goal."  As a dye it creates incredibly brilliant yellows which after dipped in indigo give outstanding shades of green.  Wearing fibers dyed with plants is a wonderful way to wear your medicine, to remember the healing connection we have with plants.  

Farm Grown Color.  Wear Your Medicine.