Nettle and Japanese Indigo Dyed Silk Chiffon Scarf


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This lovely teal scarf is dyed with nettle and japanese indigo leaves.  It is made from pure silk chiffon, lightweight, like a feather floating on the wind.  It measures 14" x 62".  Nettle is a wonderful medicinal plant, it is rich with important minerals like calcium and iron and is very high in protein.  A wonderful cleansing herb and activator, it's a great remedy for debility, when the system needs to get moving. The spirit of the Nettle plant is like a old lady with her broom shouting at people to get going, not to just sit around.  It can activate dormant energies..  As a dye it creates brilliant yellows which after dipped in indigo give amazing shades of green.  Wearing fibers dyed with plants is a wonderful way to wear your medicine, to remember the healing connection we have with plants.  

Farm Grown Color.  Wear Your Medicine.