Two Tone Earthen Gold Silk Chiffon Scarf Dyed with Marigold Flowers


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This beautiful two tone earthen gold scarf fades from a lovely golden yellow to deep earthen gold.  Dyed with certified organic marigold flowers, made from pure silk chiffon this scarf measures 14" x 62" and is lightweight, like a feather floating in the wind. Ah marigold, one of my all time favorite dye plants. I have loved it since I first smelled it simmering in the pot and oh the color, a wide range from bright sunny gold to deep chartreuse, magical. And a powerful medicine plant too, for calling back the ancestors. Offerings of marigold to the spirits are said to bring love and nourishment into our lives. Marigold is used medicinally to aid digestion, second only to dandelion for this purpose, and a powerful women’s herb to support the uterus, menstrual cycles, and menopause.  Wearing fibers dyed with plants is a wonderful way to wear your medicine, to remember the healing connection we have with plants.

Farm Grown Color.  Wear Your Medicine.