Yarrow Ombre Dyed Silk Chiffon Scarf (bright colors)


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This vibrant yellow, green, and blue scarf has a beautiful bright ombre and is dyed with yarrow and japanese indigo.  All plants we use for dye are organically grown and processed on our farm, single source dye farm, farm grown color.  This scarf is made from pure silk chiffon, is lightweight, like a feather floating on the wind.  It measures 14" x 62".  Yarrow is a wonderful medicinal plant, it is also called woundwort, as it is a highly regarded plant for wounds, bruises, and sprains.  Yarrow has a strong affinity for the blood and bleeding, is an important female remedy, it has incredible properties to stop bleeding. It is also a strong bitter, stimulating liver function, and is a wonderful aid for digestion.  Yarrow has long been considered a remedy for the wounded warrior but also an important remedy for the wounded healer.  The spirit of the yarrow plant has long been known for it's powers of protection.  Wearing fibers dyed with plants is a wonderful way to wear your medicine, to remember the healing connection we have with plants.

Farm Grown Color.  Wear Your Medicine.